Hakodate: Last 100 Years About Oceanic Fishing

A good place to learn about the history of Hakodate. This is the museum of the company’s own home, where the collection of rich, informative.


Nara: Horyuji’ s Temples

Put down the coffee, sit on the tram, came to Nara, in the Fulong Temple to find the deeds of the prince.

A Visit to Airplane Hangar

There are many factories in Tokyo are open to visit, one of the best is the airline’s hangar visit, fortunate to apply for permission to come to Nikko is located in Haneda Airport repair library visit, impressed.

New Yokohama: Ramen Museum

In Shin-Yokohama, there is a place called “Ramen Museum”, before you think it should be talking about the origin of the surface, spread the knowledge of it, the results are wrong.

Bicycle Museum

In the Meguro station east exit, is located in a small, bike-themed museum, lunch after the leisure time, go shopping, will gain a lot.


I had a planned diving trip near Hachijo Island. When I want to get on the back ferry I was told the ferry was canceled due to fierce wave that Japanese called “Haru Arashi”(Spring Storm).