Hakodate: Know Everything about Northern Ethnic Groups

About the Ainu people living in Hokkaido, other peoples living in the Sea of Japan, the Okhotsk Sea, are rarely seen in history books or other information. Had the privilege of visiting the museum and learned some history.


Dunhuang: Oasis City in Dessert

Dunhuang, a famous city since 2000 years ago. Zhang Qian, a foreign affair officer went to Xiyu(western region) and from then on Dunhuang has been a key point in Silk Road.

Taipei: Night Market

You may be tired of skyscraper mansions in cities. By visiting night market you can see a different world. You can see how people live another kind of life. They sell and buy. They cook and eat.

Panda! Panda!! Panda!!!

Panda or Giant Panda is loved by the people around the world. Just look the black circles and black jacket, you will find they are good at showing MOE. I’ve got a chance to Chengdu, there locates Panda Research Base.