Lugang: A Little Sweet Township Still in Old Time

Lugang , meaning Deer Port, is located in Changhua County, Taiwan Province, China. This township faces the Taiwan Strait. In historical Dutch has taken here and use this town as a port for deerskin trade.


Miura Coast

I always go to Izu Penninsula, but actually there are three peninsulas nearby Tokyo: Izu(Shizuoka Prefecture), Miura(Kanagawa Prefecture) and Boso(Chiba Prefecture). This time I went to Miura Peninsula.

Yokosuka: Navy Curry

Yokosuka is known as an important navy base of both US Navy and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force.This restaurant is very near Yokosuka Central rails station. You can go and eat curry there when you visit Yokosuka or Miura Peninsula.

Taipei: Night Market

You may be tired of skyscraper mansions in cities. By visiting night market you can see a different world. You can see how people live another kind of life. They sell and buy. They cook and eat.


Kanazawa: Gold River Town

Since Mar. 15, 2015 a new Shinkansen line is available for visitors around Tokyo. You can just spend 3 hours in the suitable and quiet train. Kanazawa becomes more and more popular among visitors.

Shirakawago: Gassho-zukuri Houses

Gassho-zukuri is a Japanese phrase and it means the house is made like prayer’s palms placed together and fingers pointing upward. This design is to avoid tons of snow accumulated on the roof to pressure the house into crashed.