Nara: Experience Hatsumōde in Japan

Hatsumode, that is, when the New Year, the first time go to a temple, shrine, to pray for the new year.


Nara: Horyuji’ s Temples

Put down the coffee, sit on the tram, came to Nara, in the Fulong Temple to find the deeds of the prince.


I had a planned diving trip near Hachijo Island. When I want to get on the back ferry I was told the ferry was canceled due to fierce wave that Japanese called “Haru Arashi”(Spring Storm).

Izu Ohshima

Tokyo in fact has islands called Tokyo Seven Islands. They are actually part of Izu Islands. In history the owner of Tokyo(Edo) found these islands first then they belong to Tokyo. Izu Oshima is one of Tokyo Seven Islands. And it is a popular tourist site for the people from Kanto Area. You can access Izu Oshima by ferry both from Tokyo Takeshiba Pier and Shizuoka Atami Pier.

Gaomei Wetland

Gaomei Wetland

On the way from Lugang to Taichung, we visit Gaomei Wetland. Although it is said the sunset view is very beautiful when we arrived it was cloudy. But there were still lots of people. Most of them were family. They enjoyed weekend with family.