Hakodate: Last 100 Years About Oceanic Fishing

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Hakodate is a natural harbor, originally called Hakodate, it originated in a building built like a box of coast. In Europe and the United States under the requirements of the powers of Hong Kong, to 2017 is already the opening of the 152th anniversary.

Just across Goryokaku (Hakodate original castle), there is a presentation day Lu fishery, that is, the actual introduction of the Northern fishery, or even be able to see the Japanese museum of modern development, the Northern Museum.


More than 100 years ago the bustling Hakodate city. Originally as the largest city in Hokkaido, Hakodate’s position is much more important than it is now. Including the Meiji Restoration of the last war is also in the Hakodate of the five ribs occurred. You can see that there are many trading companies already exist. And many of them are engaged in fisheries. The earliest in the Sea of Japan, Heilongjiang fishing near the sea. Later entered the Northern Ocean.


Japan refers to the North, is now the Bering Sea, Okhotsk sea fishing ground. Through a territorial exchange treaty, Japan paid the South Island Island, won the Kuril Islands. Kuril Islands is a natural fishing ground, countless fishermen began to fly to the Kuril Islands fishing.


Explain very detailed, how to catch salmon. There are video to explain, demo. This is the first day of the company set up factories in Okhotsk, the production of canned salmon, dug the first pot of gold.


Think 2d is not realistic, you can see the model.


Then we introduced how to catch crabs. That is, we eat all kinds of shells on the long pointed thorny crabs.


How to deal with crabs as soon as possible, reduce costs, increase the storage area, the technical staff to create such a ship. Can be achieved from the salvage, processing, packaging through-train. Even in the 21 world, I see this calculation is tight, the layout is reasonable, the sea production line, can not help but praise.

After the Meiji Restoration, successful entrepreneurs, technical staff after another, in all respects, that era is the golden age.


The ship’s body, and the photos of the time. This boat is famous for its reason, because Kawabata Yasunari wrote the novel “Crab Boat”, which describes the incomparable hardships of the working people at the bottom. For me, the hardest thing is that every day thousands of crabs flow from the hands, no one can eat their own.


This is the crabs that have sharp tails on their backs. Alaska crab, king crab, and panda, do not know. But all very delicious.


The next is the accusations of whaling. Until modern times, whaling is not controversial, fishermen whale unloading eight, made a variety of products. Even whales have to make a brush (Otaru and a shop with whales to be crafts).


The following black is the gun used when whaling. It was later realized that this species, which was indispensable in the marine life chain, was about to be killed. And whales can produce products is not irreplaceable. So it began to prohibit whaling. Only one of Japan did not fully comply.


With Russia selling Alaska to the United States. Northern fishing into a small low tide, followed by crab boat, canned and enter the boom period.

However, the good times are not long, after World War II, especially the Soviet Union, the United States announced its own territorial waters, the exclusive economic zone, the Japanese northern fishing slowly into the end. A time is over.

Just a summary of the introduction, in fact, I visited the inside for 3 hours did not feel very seriously read all the information. This is a good place to learn about Hokkaido’s history.


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