Nara: Experience Hatsumōde in Japan

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Japan had heard of Hatsumode very interesting, so take advantage of the new opportunities in Nara, experience a return.

About 10 o’clock, when it reluctantly left the white song on the TV, go to Kasuga Taisha Shrine.


There are already a lot of people on the way, completely unlike the night, no, it should be more than the daytime people more. Go to the shrine lined Omotesando food stalls ready to go.


“Master, first to a bean paste stuffing cake” “ok”


Saying so much sugar, the master’s body has been very good.


After eating and then go forward, was scared, a lot of people. In front of the white banner is the entrance of the place, the feeling is not too late, peace of mind waiting, by the way to listen to people around to chat. The weather is a bit cool, from time to time out a few drops of rain.


Approaching 12 o’clock, to look behind, a look at the end of the crowd, suddenly a sense of accomplishment arises spontaneously.


12 o’clock, was allowed to enter the shrine. But I am atheistic, this trip is to experience, no worship.


Go to the next after the Todaiji, close to Kasuga Taisha Shrine. Solemnly.


There are also many people waiting to visit, as non-worshipers I can also free access.


The bells of the New Year sounded one after another.


Wish new year good bells.

Because Hatsumode with some kind of religious nature, so it is best to respect local customs.


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