Nara: Horyuji’ s Temples

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Prince Edward’s self-congratulation, adult ruling after sending Ono sister came to the Sui Dynasty in China. Began to study the Chinese era.

It is said that he can listen to multiple people at the same time.

As a reformer, he was printed on the old 10,000 yen


The age of the prince’s life is called the era of birds. He presided over the construction of the temple.

Horyu-ji Temple has the “oldest ancient wood complex”, is the Japanese national treasure, world heritage.

But to attract me is obviously that “funny day and” animation. A winter morning, from Nara to Horyu Temple.


The temple is large in size, but there is no large statue of Nara Temple. Is a room between.

From the door that is very common, and the difference between the ordinary temple nothing. In fact, this is because, after a lot of the temple is a reference to the construction of Falei Temple, improved, and then into Japanese style.

Look at the past two guard guards.


And then enter is the Western Academy Gala, the oldest place, said and the Sui and Tang style change little.


Five towers, the most prominent place of the building, which can enter, but there is no special baby.

After the Meiji Restoration, Buddhism was disgusted and the government stopped funding. Around the temple had to collect hundreds of thousands of years of cultural relics to the government in exchange for funds to maintain spending.

So look at cultural relics, but to go to a few national museums can see the real thing.


“That year they are here laughing slapstick ah” Although this would like to, but can not find any traces.


Very ancient temple, but the 7th century architecture, looks very mediocre, but the environment is very good


Very ancient corridor, attached to the five towers and Jintang, maybe the local rain more


Finally appeared, and then there is a room to introduce the life of Prince Edward deeds, there are a large statue (very short)


Prince Edward is the descendants of his title, he is the second prince, not the emperor.

But he introduced Buddhism, Japan’s holy deity to him as the founder, respect for the holy mountain holy mountain, Jerusalem is so.


Later, Prince Edward died, the Soviet Union and I attacked the country, killing the prince of the princes of the royal family. A sad ending.



From JR Nara Station, take JR Kansai Line and get off at the Felong Temple Station, then walk for about 20 minutes.

At JR Felong Temple Station, take a bus to the front of the Felong Temple and get off at the front of the hotel

From Kintetsu Nara Station, take the bus to JR Wang Temple Station and Felong Temple.


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