A Visit to Airplane Hangar

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Last time said the diving, into the sea would like to fly in the sky, but before flying can see the flight equipment

Although the ANA fans would like to visit the ANA hangar, but from the ease of application, JAL visit is more worthwhile, seemingly rated as the most worth visiting all the top10

In Japan, “see school” is what we say to visit the factory, the company, to understand the production process, behind the scenes and the like a lot of activities. Weekend father and mother with a child to a place to see school, but also very interesting.

So this time to visit the hangar.

Ordinary people in addition to the plane, the aircraft can see the appearance of the aircraft before, usually have little chance to see the appearance of the aircraft. And JAL in order to let everyone more close contact with the aircraft, the way to cultivate customer loyalty, to provide them to visit their Haneda airport hangar services. (The process of applying at the end of the paper)

Although the weather is a bit hot, but the front desk of the service lady is very warm, help me complete the registration, made some publicity materials, by the way, this card can change 200 miles.


And then after 30 minutes of experienced uncle to explain the various models, and then with the aircraft to visit the aircraft model


And then led us to Shui Gui, and made a helmet, told the three times the note (the main thing is to run on the runway)


Finally came to this ontology, hangar


This is the work area, placing the seat to be replaced.


Feeling this kind of workplace is very professional, in which a maintenance workers are also very proud of


A spring and autumn air strayed, looks like their maintenance is also done to Japan Airlines.


Uncle uncle out from the cabin, the way stopped to want to go around me.


The tail of the aircraft is a primary school collective visit, in the pictures, and then stop whistling soon


Sure enough, a plane flying, belly black I recognized this is my favorite blue, loudly said ANA’s beautiful, next to the uncle a black line, I am satisfied.


Visit the way: to JAL’s application site, fill in the date, address, mailbox, you can wait for the day to come.



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