Yonaguni: Underwatr Heritage

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The history of mankind, the rise of many ethnic groups, strong, decline, a few centuries after no one remembered their original look.

And the island of the shark, the horse is finished.

In fact, the most known is the seabed remains. There are a lot of stories about relics, but they are only speculation.

In 1986, someone diving first found a huge rock on the seabed. Very much like artificial manufacturing, cutting the way, roads, walls, caves of the form also. And this is a long and several hundred meters long and large stone.

In 1992, the Ryukyu University professor went to visit.

In 1998, the investigators filed an application for “discovery of relics” to the Okinawa Prefectural Bureau of Culture. Unfortunately, Okinawa refused to be a relic on the grounds that it could not be judged as a trail of human activity.

In 2016, with the country that again to promote the application for relics.

So, come through the short film to understand the submarine ruins it.

Wandering inside the ruins, it is difficult not to feel that they are living in a history of the coastal city, they have their own culture, sacrifice, totem, all this waiting time to answer it.IMG_5620


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