Hakodate: Know Everything about Northern Ethnic Groups

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Very early on the living in Hokkaido Aboriginal, Ainu people, interested, this came to Hakodate, in addition to understanding the history of fisheries, another want to understand is to introduce the history of the northern people of Ainu people Museum.

Hakodate City is actually very small, walking and walked to meet this museum.


Making beautiful props, from the appearance, the hair point of view, Ainu and the Japanese have a very significant difference, the origin of their divergent views, but it is certain that they are Hokkaido this land of the aborigines.

They are by boat, hunting walrus.


They are by boat, and whales, bears fight.


Bear, occupies an important position in the life of Ainu people.

Aunu people have a custom is that the young bear back to the village to raise, and then tied up to complete a religious ceremony.


Ainu people’s clothes are also varied, fur, hemp, and even the skin.


This Qing Dynasty official service is not Ainu people, but was responsible for the Heilongjiang estuary and local ethnic groups for the goods of the Qing Dynasty officials.


Ainu people, and even active in the Sea of Japan, the Okhotsk Sea of the various ethnic groups have their own characteristics of clothing. These are seldom known. Their costumes are close to the northeastern ethnic minorities in China.


This dress is similar to the Japanese style of clothing, Ainu people usually wear a lot of pieces to keep warm.


Fishing is a very important means of maintaining a living, the canoe is very rare.


With the Japanese colonial Hokkaido, the status of Ainu became slaves, the number decreased until the 80s of last century, Ainu people have been recognized.

Each nation has its own unique culture and contributes to the diversity of the world.


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