New Yokohama: Ramen Museum

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Ramen Museum near Shin-Yokohama Station. The Shin-Yokohama Station in fact is far from Yokohama, and it is station which we prepared for the Shinkansen. From Tokyo to Shin-Yokohama is very inconvenient.

I bought a ticket at the door, and then down to the ground floor, there is a surprise to the Showa era. Like a studio, the atmosphere of the street is very good.

Showa styled street
Showa styled street

Because it is more than 10 o’clock in the morning, so the line is not a lot of people. But also a lot of. I first came to this Bo Duo dolphin bone ramen, famous island Pavilion. The menu has a normal bowl, a small bowl (for those who want to try a few stores for the sake of people), but everyone must point a bowl, it is estimated that there are a lot of people only a bowl of points to eat.


Finally turn to me, I did not eat breakfast so hungry, and I directly point the normal bowl, soup is very strong, pork is also good.


Finished a thick pork bone noodles, I go out to see the turn right, feel the name is very good, a lot of people queuing, give up.


Then in this small street wandering, the way to digest. See what I found, wanted the warrant.


Along the stairs to the second floor, see a famous Hokkaido flavor increase surface, called sumire.


Point the taste of the house to raise the surface, good strong taste flavor, good thick, finished this bowl on the full.


Want to go to this museum, must eat less, and play inside, when each shop should eat less.


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