Bicycle Museum

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From the Meguro Station east exit about 5 minutes, in a humble place, there is a “bike culture center”.

Because it belongs to the kind of small museum nature, probably and usually a book so big.

Indeed, there are many books in the room, all about bicycles, history, bidding, culture, all aspects of the bike.

I greeted the grandfather, and then into the self from the look at these strange bizarre bike. The original car and its cumbersome effort, easy to bad, but just a few decades can iterate the basic similar to the current bike version, and the ancients of the mechanical ability awesome

I am feeling brave, it should be genuine it

But can this small place put the original prototype bike?

With doubts, I have been in a circle

Eyes gathered in this thing known as the bike, looks like a car race in ancient times

And then evolved

Although they are both wheels, the gap is great. Lunch stroll can be turned around the martial arts is still a good place

Although not so high on the plane, but also have a cave.

The bike evolved from a travel tool to a good partner for the body, and the museum faithfully recorded the process.


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