Hiking in Karuizawa

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At the end of the nineteenth century, Canadian missionaries discovered Karuizawa, with their families to vacation, and since then more and more people have come to Karuizawa. Even the emperor and empress to get to know also the tennis court in Karuizawa.

In the day of the vernal equinox, I came to Karuizawa, ready to make a hiking.

From Tokyo Station to Karuizawa, take the Shinkansen only 1 hour.

The planned itinerary is as follows.

A:Karuizawa Station North Exit

There is nothing near the north exit. There is no noisy and bustling south.

B:Karuizawa New Art Museum

I was scared by the names of the well-known artists at the door.

But at the entrance there is a little bit of grass between the Yayoi unique point.


There is a DNA model made of glass in a corner of the second floor.


C:Former Karuizawa Station


D:St. Paul’s Catholic Church

Although it seems to appear in the travel magazine often, it is actually small.


E:Shaw Memorial Church

Shaw was a pastor from the British Catholic Church in Canada, where he first took his family to a light well in the summer vacation, which opened the prelude to the development of Karuizawa.

F:Murō Saisei Memorial

The museum is a memorial to a famous poet. Because the time is still in the winter closed, so I did not go in.

G:Oka Hall

I did not expect actually there is such a beautiful hall, the hall was held in the children’s music school report performance.

H:Karuizawa Station North Exit

Back to the starting point, this time I have a little powerless.

From Tokyo to Karuizawa is very convenient, only need to sit in the Tokyo station Shinkansen Shinkansen, an hour less than the effort will be able to light well Ze station.


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