A German Style Pizza Restaurant besides Edogawa River

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German pizza, in fact, there is a formal German name leckermäulchen, but there seems to be no Chinese translation, simply called the German pizza easier to remember.

A small partner to learn German live near the shop, next to a large Catholic church in Bongjing District. Invited us to eat delicious lunch, so a fall, marching full of ginkgo street, came to this small shop.


From the Huguosi subway station came to climb a very steep slope, panting into the store, the first point of the cup of black beer.


The first pizza up, the shape is square, eat crisp, and the holy fruit is a ride.


Bacon’s fat just right to seep into the surface, instantly wiped out.


The owner has the experience of living in Germany, in the preferences of the opening of the store, “slow to eat, a little bit to do,” she said, by the way up the plate slowly energy banana section.

“It’s dessert, please enjoy it slowly” She finished and turned into the kitchen.


Compared to the Italian pizza, this pizza oil is less, as lunch is just right on the beer.


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