Guam: Learn Dance, Learn Relax

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Guam local indigenous is called Chamorro people, but in fact the modern Chamorro people blend the Spanish, American, Filipino culture crowd.

Daytime in Guam can dive, at night in Guam can eat and eat. One night at a hotel restaurant, called MAIN, features BBQ self-help.

Do not let the first fill the plate.


Music sounded, I saw three beautiful women dressed in traditional clothes jumped in. Around the uncle seemed very excited.


Beauty exit, the men play, serious doubt Chamoruo people from childhood on the fitness, the body are super stick, jump dance strong and powerful.


But still more attractive sister, it is not jump to the table next to. Uncle kept whistling.


But I still feel that barbecue is more delicious, is happy to eat, a voice over “hey, you come here” and the like.

So the next story happened. Three men were selected to learn three dance. I was one of them, learning power do not know enough

The total feeling is to catch ducks shelves, anyway, regardless of the key moment to play.

Seemingly effect is not bad, you can not love when the birds in front of Japanese friends blowing bragging “These are small cases, like when I was with a red scarf”.

The location of the restaurant is quite good, there is a swimming pool facing the sea, sunset, beautiful light.



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