Ishigaki: Manta Wolrd

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After enjoying corals around Ishigaki, let’s see the main dish, manta, devil fish.

Manta in Japan, the distribution of very few, almost all in the Okinawa area, which is most likely to encounter the Ishigaki, the name of the sea manta city, manta scramble and so on.

So no accident, we met them.


They are so big, elegant instigated wings, leisurely swim.


Manta’s stature is very large, this time only hold your breath, enjoy their swim.


“Birds flying in the sky, while fish flying in the water.”


After the end of the diving, of course, we use local beer to celebrate.


To access Ishigaki Island you can fly from Tokyo or Naha.

Because manta’s body is large, so it is not easy to close, so this time the photo is not particularly clear, need to be processed to see clearly. I really want to go again.


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