How to Make a Good Dripper Coffee

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Recently I have joined a coffee seminar in Starbucks.

The theme is how to make a good dripper.

Dripper is a Japanese English and the real english name is Pour Over.

Firstly the staff introduced the origin and kinds of dripper.

Then she handed out different brand and shaped dripper and filled them with water to show what the different is among kinds of drippers.

After that she listed how to make a drip step by step and gave us a demonstration.

first time to make a dripper coffee
first time to make a dripper coffee

After a few minute rest we began to make our first drip coffee.

We have made two cup of coffee, cafe verona and americans corn chocalate chank.

take cookies with coffee
take cookies with coffee

Finally we got a gift one dripper as a sayonara for this senimar.

In order to make good tasted coffee, you need to do 3 points

  1. keep the boiled water’s temperature between 90 and 96.
  2. steam the coffee beans as preparation
  3. when pour water, first center then around it as drawing a coin. slowly gentlely. be careful not to pour water down without filter. divide the whole water into several times.

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