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Taipei: a Town Remain in Old Age

They say Taipei is a city mixed Chinese style and Japanese style. The food is delicious and cheap. The most precious antiques throughout China get together in Taipei Palace Museum.


Kanazawa: Gold River Town

Since Mar. 15, 2015 a new Shinkansen line is available for visitors around Tokyo. You can just spend 3 hours in the suitable and quiet train. Kanazawa becomes more and more popular among visitors.

Shirakawago: Gassho-zukuri Houses

Gassho-zukuri is a Japanese phrase and it means the house is made like prayer’s palms placed together and fingers pointing upward. This design is to avoid tons of snow accumulated on the roof to pressure the house into crashed.

Rainbow Bridge: Take Photos after Work

Rainbow Bridge connects Center of Tokyo and Odaiba the newly reclamation. Since 1990’s Rainbow Bridge appears in movies, TV series and comics. It is already a symbol of Tokyo. A nice and sunny day, I had an idea to take photos from Rainbow Bridge.

Panda! Panda!! Panda!!!

Panda or Giant Panda is loved by the people around the world. Just look the black circles and black jacket, you will find they are good at showing MOE. I’ve got a chance to Chengdu, there locates Panda Research Base.