Hahajima, Best Island to Watch Whales

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Hahajima, in Japanese meaning “mother island”, is named to this island.

But there is no dramatic legend. Just someone gave a name to this beautiful island.

Hahajima locates in Ogasawara Islands. Literally it belongs to Tokyo, though there is 1000 km distance or we say 24+3 hour’s ferry.

Ogasawara now is a World Nature Heritage for species diversity. Visitors often go to Chichijima (“father island” in Japanese). So Hahajima has few visitors and quiet environment.

But quiet doesn’t mean nothing exists. Otherwise there are many rare animals and fishes living around this given place.

Such as WHALE.

When we went back from diving. Some said “look! it is a whale.”

whale in hahajima
whale in hahajima

Everyone heard this alarm and then rushed to the side of boat.

kuromaty looking for whale
kuromaty looking for whale

“look there it is spraying!”

watching whale people
watching whale people

The friendly captain moved the boat closer to the whale. We could see its nose clearly.

whale on the water
whale on the water

I made a movie for the first day.

In the following days we met whales again and forth.

To get to Hahajima, the only means is to take a 24-hour ferry in Tokyo to Chichijima and then transfer to a 3-hour ferry then you will see Hahajima’ s welcoming crowded.



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