Kawagoe History Museum: See Ninja, Samurai, Sword

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Kawagoe, or Little Edo, located in Saitama Prefecture. As the nickname shows it preserves many houses in Edo period.

But this time I will show you something different: Ninja, Samurai.

Bell of Time is built between 1624 and 1644.

Bell of Time
Bell of Time

Near the bell tower, there is a museum called Kawagoe History Museum. The appearance is old and normal. Even there was only one to manage the museum. After paying for the ticket, the museum belonged to me.

Many kinds of body armors lined in the windows.

body armors
body armors

In ancient Japan people lacked resources so only governor could own a body armor. And a body armor can be worn from generation to generation.

body armor 1
body armor 1

Believe or not staying lonely in the silent 2nd floor, I was afraid.

body armor 2
body armor 2

Just imaging the battle in 200 years ago, people cut and killed each other. The body armor must remain someone’s blood.

body armor 3
body armor 3

Even the souls of samurais. I have seen a Japanese animation called Ronin Warriors. It tells some famous samurais’ body armors are waken up and they wanted to recover their evil boss.

body armor 4
body armor 3

Then I turned to Ninja’s weapon. As we know to move fast and be found out hard, ninja always takes few self-defend weapon within themselves.

Ninja's weapon
Ninja’s weapon

But I always think ninja can escape by leaving a smoke just as move shows.

Ninja's weapon
Ninja’s weapons

They can ride little horse. And the horse would be equipped with armor.

armored horse

Kawagoe is easy to access. You can take a train from Ikebukuro Station.


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