Sunny Beijing, Right Position

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Beijing is where I studied in university so I often goes to Beijing to see old friends, to visit national museums. But it is very rare for me to have a chance when Beijing is sunny.

It just happened one day after Chinese New Year. Many people went home for family get-together so there were few people left in this mega-city and of course few pollutions were produced.

The first idea came to my mind is rush to Jingshan Park, so I did.

Jingshan Park was built because many wasted soil due to the construction of Forbidden City. The clever old Chinese came out an idea to use the wasted soil to build a park in the right north of Forbidden City.


In other words, Jingshan Park is the best place to have a bird view of Forbidden City.


It was clear to see the west of Forbidden City, Zhongnanhai, the center of center of China. In fact water takes nearly 90% of Zhongnanhai.


The Central Axis. Chinese focus on symmetry: if there is one tree on the left there must be one more on the right. Beijing is built based on symmetry theory, and from south to north they are Zhengyangmen, Tiamanmen, Meridian Gate, Gate of Supreme Harmony, Forbidden City, Jingshan, Drumtower and Bell tower.


By the way, there are 9999 house in Forbidden City.


Look, I am standing on the central point of Beijing.


When I got out of Jingshan Park I found there were many visitors going out of Forbidden City.


To Jingshan Park, you can take a bus and get off at North Gate of Forbidden City(故宫北门, gugongbeimen).



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