To Chengdu, For Panda

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They say “there are two kinds of people, one are pandas’ slaves, two are to be pandas’s slaves”

I have to say since I subscribed a channel by which you can see baby pandas’ live show  my whole world changed.

I began to check that channel on and on. I am completely a panda slave.

So I decided to have a trip to Chengdu, China, the home town of baby pandas.


After 7 hours movie watching and photo taking, I arrived in Chengdu in the midnight.


I took an arrange for a taxi tomorrow as soon as I entered the hotel’s room.

The base always opens very early but you can see nothing because the baby pandas are not allowed to play outsides until their rooms are being cleaned.

The next day morning 10:00 AM, I arrived at Chengdu Giant Panda Base

There are many areas in the base, but my target is clear, MOON Nursery House. I took a park tour car and went straight there.

At the entrance there was a mother panda. She was eating bamboo.

Then let’s see baby pandas. This is a shy boy.

Three are fighting for “right to the top”.

Two are fighting for “right to crash GoPro”

Look there are more two fighting for “center of the tree”.

They were so cute, weren’t they?

Why they are fighting? Come on PANDA(熊猫) are BEAR(熊) rather than CAT(猫).

To go the base, you can take a flight from Tokyo in the afternoon and arrive in the midnight. The next morning you can take a taxi there then you will see cute baby pandas.